home smI am Radoslava Paleshutska  and I am glad to welcome you on the pages of my site!

You can open my gallery of a fantastic Chihuahua! They came into my life as a great joy, great love, entered once and forever! I This Breed is considered as the smallest in the world. It is one of the first breeds on the Earth. At ancient Aztecs the Chihuahua was a sacred dog through whom they communicated with Gods and with Space. Today, undoubtedly, this breed is the most favorite, cleverest, most courageous .The Chihuahua is a dog-friend, a dog-talisman, a dog-happiness. It is a dog of "Successful people", a dog of "World Stars"!!!

All my Chihuahuas have a fine origin. I have dogs with the best blood: Italy, Finland, Russia .. All my dogs  are like children for me so I try to spend as much time as possible with them, they have all care they need and they live in whole our house, including our beds.

Our first Chihuahua Karmel, came into our lives in 2010. She immediately caught our hearts , and a passionate and sincere love for the breed was born. Our dogs are family members and they share everything from bed to sofa and everyday life.

Do you have any questions about our dogs, or about coming litters? Or do you just want to talk Chihuahua? We will be happy to hear from you!

I am very grateful to the beautiful and talented person and all the best words from me - to the breader of my Shah Arpilin Bars - LinaAndrosenko ! She has entrusted me a part of the priceless treasures, which steels an ornament of many exhibitions, and which is more important they steels an ornament of my soul!

I am open for the friendship and cooperation.

I invite you to touch together for fortunately which have the name CHIHUAHUA!!


Best regards,



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